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engine Horizontally opposed, liquid cooled 6-cylinder, 4 stroke
  multi point fuel injection
Max output HP 145 HP @ 5200 rpm
Max output Torque 156 Ft-lb @ 4000 rpm
firing order 1-6-3-2-5-4
bore x stroke 3.62 x 2.64
displacement 2,673cm (163.06 in)
The Subaru XT6 houses a horizontally-opposed 6-cylinger 4-stroke cycle, liquid cooled OHC gasoline engine. This well balanced engine, adopted a horizontally opposed piston arrangement is made of an aluminum alloy, and is lightweight . This engine also adopts the OHC (Over-head camshaft) system, hydraulic lash adjuster, and multi point fuel injection system. attaining reliability as as a low fuel consumption, low vibration and powerful performance.