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The New and improved XT6 haven to our faithful readers

Jan 29- 2001-
well i finally updated hope you like it
its been a while since ive even touched the site and im sorry for that. i work in spurts. i have about 8 diff websites that i run / maintain.

NEW ive started converting my Technical Manuals into a PDF so everyone can download but it will take me a while to get all of them online.

right now ive completed the first book (there are 4 books) up to section 1-3 click here to download its about 3 megs has 30 pages (you need adobe acrobat to read it!)
ill add more as i get it. but i will run outa space anyone got space they would like to donate?

For now i only have the message board working, but i will add it all back slowly or not so slowly depending how i feel :)

This is a page dedicated to the Subaru XT6, i will try to cram as much information as i possible can.. about it.., and provide you with schematics, pictures, diagrams. instructions. and how -to's ,

Dont forget to check out the message board