The XT6 and its History

1984 -

The Subaru XT was introduced  for the 1985 Model year, it was given high praise for having the Lowest Drag Coefficient of any production car in the world. the XT styling is  known for its love it or hate it , opinions.., officially introduced with a 1781 cc Horizontally-opposed Flat 4, which pumped out an inadequate 97 hp @ 5200 rpm and 103ft-lbs of Torque @ 3200 rpm. 

The Press gave the XT mediocre reviews , constantly complaining about the lack of hp / Torque (ooomph), 

1986 - 

A Turbocharger was added to the XT, witch improved performance.. but not to the degree that everyone had hoped Subaru would.  the Turbo boosted engine specs too 111hp @4800rpm and 134lbs-Torque @2800 rpm. The Turbo wasnt enough to Please Reporters , as they were disappointed in the mild implementation of the turbo.

1987 / 1988 -

Take the XT ad two more cylinders, 891 more cc's couple more gadgets. and you have the XT6, which was introduced in 1987 for the 1988 model year .The XT6 is equipped with a  2700cc, horizontally-opposed flat 6 engine witch produced 145hp @ 5200rpm  and 156lbs or Torque @4000 rpm, in addition to the new engine Subaru Introduced the Cybride Power Steering. which was a very complicated power steering system. that worked well.. when it worked ! :),

All XT's with 4WD (AWD) came equiped with a Self Leveling Pneumatic Suspension system, which when matched with the Legendary Subaru AWD system, and the Cybrid power steering system. gave the car the a feel that is only rivaled by cars. many times the price.